High Throughput Analysis Lab

The High Throughput Analysis Laboratory (HTAL) is a shared, open-access resource established in 2004 on the Northwestern University campus, which is currently operating under the umbrella of CMIDD. The HTAL provides academic, industrial, and private researchers with equipment and expertise for the development and execution of high throughput biological analysis and screening.

HTAL Services Include:

  • High throughput data analysis; data automation
  • Assay development; enzymatic; binding
  • Nano-liter liquid handling
  • Thermal Scanning Fluorimetry; ThermoFluo; Thermal shift; Protein ligand screen

The facility also assists researchers in developing novel automated methods to increase assay and sample preparation throughput.

Library Screening

The Northwestern University HTAL provides researchers access to cutting edge technology for library screening and drug discovery. Currently available are several yeast whole genome libraries, mouse and human RNAi whole genome libraries and small molecule compound libraries. Several compound libraries are in the process of being acquired and the director can contribute to grant applications for libraries specific to a researcher's application. The HTAL is also working toward making the NCI 60 cell lines available for screening. The HTAL provides the research community with the required expertise to manage the libraries and execute suitable screens.


The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art liquid handling, plate detection and automated microbial culture handling capabilities.

Liquid Handling


Colony Picking/Growth of Cultures


For information concerning rates, please visit the High Throughput Analysis Laboratory's rates page.



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