High Throughput Analysis Lab

The High Throughput Analysis Lab (HTAL) provides researchers with the expertise and resources to perform high throughput library screening in the context of drug discovery and basic science research.


  • Assay development of novel binding, biochemical and cellular assays
  • Compound library screening
  • Large scale data analysis
  • Fluorescence Thermal Shift assay
  • Nano-liter liquid handling
  • High content screening

Library Screening

The HTAL compound collection contains focused libraries of known bioactive molecules as well as several large diversity sets. Several yeast whole genome libraries are also available.

We are actively adding new compound libraries to our collection, and in particular we aim to acquire custom or focused libraries that will support projects with active funding.

Small-Molecule Compound Libraries

Genetic Libraries


The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art liquid handling, plate detection and automated microbial culture handling capabilities.

Liquid Handling


Colony Picking/Growth of Cultures


For information concerning rates, please visit the HTAL rates page.


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