ChemCore is a shared resource facility under the umbrella of CMIDD that provides medicinal and synthetic chemistry, molecular modeling and compound purification services to research investigators at Northwestern University and externally.

Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry

• Hit-to-lead chemistry
• Design and synthesis of novel analogs with improved potency, ADME and IP properties
• Synthesis of small numbers of hypothesis-driven compounds
• Synthesis of reference compounds
• Preparation of fluorescently-tagged molecules

Molecular Modeling

• High Throughput Virtual Screening (HTVS) of diverse libraries for different therapeutic targets
• Structure Focus Pharmacophore Design, 3D-4D and higher order QSAR Model Building
• Scaffold Hopping and de novo design
• Construction of protein homology models and 3-D analysis
• High level Quantum Mechanical Computations of Small/Drug Molecules
• Method development

Compound Purification

• Mass-directed analytical-to-preparative (A2Prep) HPLC purification system
• Reverse phase analytical and preparative HPLC systems with absorbance detection and evaporative light scattering detection for non-chromophore containing compounds
• Advanced parallel compound drying systems including a GeneVac HT-4X Plus centrifugal evaporator and a VirTis shelf lyophilizer.


CMIDD is an affiliate center of the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute at Northwestern University.
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